• Can I use my GleamBeam outdoors?

Absolutely! GleamBeam is rated IP65, making it safe for any weather (including heavy rain).

  • Can I order multiple sets of GleamBeam and string them together?

Yes! You can connect multiple lengths of GleamBeam up to 10 meters long!

  • What settings can I use on my GleamBeam lighting?

You can select a steady color or rotate through a change of colors. Modes include Flash, Strobe, Fade, and Smooth.

  • How do I control my GleamBeam lighting?

GleamBeam comes with an included IR remote control, with functions like brightness level, color selection, and mode selection.

  • Do I need any special power supply to use GleamBeam?

GleamBeam includes everything you need, including the appropriate AC adapter (with US style connectors).

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